A photo of ENIAC: The first programmable, electronic, general-purpose digital computer. (credit: Wikipedia)

Before we begin — Disclaimer: This article contains many generalizations but I am not talking about you, of course, this is about other people. You are awesome.

The journey of software development is a mighty long path where lots have contributed till now. It all started with a dust and fog cloud called ENIAC. One day, it decides to explode somehow, causes a big bang and we got quad-core particles in return, etc. you know the drill. In the end, we got our world of software and the “ITmosphere” that we breathe in.

Joking aside, as software engineers, the journey…

Illustration of the quality control process of a digital product (credit: @Pch.vector)

Coder, programmer, developer, engineer… You name it. Everyone wants to be one of these. The “going digital” trend gained more and more traction in the last decade and it is only fair to say that the most popular professions are from the digital world. We are seeing tons of new software products being introduced every day.

What about the quality of these products? When we talk about quality, follow-up discussions mostly focus on the best coding language or framework, the most popular conventions or standards, the number of QA engineers there should be in a team, etc. …

Documentation is the blueprint of software (source: pikist.com)

In IT, you can see more people realizing the importance of software documentation. With switching to agile processes, most teams also stopped designing their software in detail. However, with the development of Agile Documentation philosophy, software designing and documentation lately finds their place and value again. Some people even consider a software application without documentation as a horror house nowadays. I agree with them because there are traps everywhere in a legacy structure and anything can fall on you at any move. With a legacy setup without any documentation, you can even hear music coming from the code while you…

Yener Ünver

A Software Engineer (MSc) Working at JUST EAT Takeaway.com

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